Does this system automatically create a wave?

To create the perfect wave, you also need weight in your boat. Ballast/weight displaces the water, creating the 'push'. This system does not automatically create a wave, it shapes a wave and controls the side the wave is on. If you have our Auto Surf system, in addition to weight (such as ballasts) you will be able to create and achieve the ideal wave. 


Is it easy to install? Is it a self install system?

Our Auto Surf system comes with instructions, someone with general automotive knowledge and skills can follow. We also have an instrutional video that you can follow, step by step. Alternatively your local mechanic, auto electrician, dealer or marine shop, should be able to install it without any issues or problems. The time consuming part is the electrical/wiring, running the wires to the front and connecting them to power. 


Do the tabs affect the wakeboard wake?

No they do not. If our tabs are installed correctly and in the upwards stowed position/not in use, they will have no negative effect on your wakeboard wake. 


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do! You will be provided with shipping costs upon checkout.


Will this work on any boat?

As long as your motor is inboard and not outboard or sterndrive, a wakeboard boat it will work. Just make sure there is enough room for the system (check the measurements under product), things like underwater lights sometimes have to be moved during installation, if you have them.  Our Auto Surf system fits a incredibly wide range of boats.

Do I need to drill holes in my boat for this system? Can I use existing holes if I already have an outdated system installed?

Yes you will need to drill holes to install this system. No you can not use existing holes, you will need to drill new holes. You can fill in the old holes with 5200, marine sealant. Never drill into the same spot, or into the 5200 sealant. New holes should be drilled 1.2cm/0.5inches away from the previous hole.